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Lets learn how can You summarize any Story/ article or Research Paper

What is summarizing: Giving a short statement of the important points by removing all extra fat. Why is it important: It allows you to restate key information in a way that is short and in order.You can be do this amazing summarizing things by  using  your five fingers in five words or less in less than five minutes method as

Finger 1. Write WHO was in the story/ article.
Finger 2. Write WHAT happened in the story/ article.
Finger 3. Write WHEN it happened.
Finger 4. Write WHERE it happened.
Finger 5. Write WHY it happened.
Now completing these, write HOW it happened in five words or less.
Now, The Summary Requirements:

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Keeping in mind these, you can write your story/ article or Research Paper 1. Brief / concise: it must contain only important points.
2. Paraphrase : change the sentences without changing in the meaning.
3. Skim, Scan, key ideas : Skim (don’t go deep, make it simple and clear), Scan (can read just one min),key ideas(main points).
4. Write using notes: just pull out all the important points and write it in your own words. 5. Combine sentences: combine two or three sentences to make one, just to make it shorter. 6. Same order as passage: order of points must remain same.
7. Use connectives: use and ,or, but to combine sentences.
8. Use topic sentence in paraghraph: wright that one senctence  that can tell you full story/ article.
9. Use reporting verbs: when you are writing something, try to use report verbs like beg, admit, point out, demonstrate, examine.
10. Write nice title.


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