About us

LifeProNow is a knowledge-sharing website which is committed to providing high-quality content related to real-world topics of Pharma and CRO industries. It has two segments-News and Blog. Latest Pharma News is covered in News Segment as a press release and source is provided for reference. Blog Segment is designed as a single point of information-source which can be referred for any listed topics

  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Clinical coding (Medical)-CDM
  • Clinical Data managements
  • Clinical Trial Associate
  • Forecasting-Market Research
  • HEOR (Health Economics and Outcome Research)
  • Lab Data Management-CDM
  • Medical Writings
  • Patent
  • Pharmacovigilanc​e
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Report writing-Market Research
  • Research and Development
  • SAS/Data Science
  • Scientific Writing