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How to Find Paid Clinical Trials Near You

“Are you looking for paid clinical trials near you? Here are a few tips for finding these opportunities:

  • Search online directories – Websites such as and CenterWatch offer directories of clinical trials that are being conducted around the world. Use these resources to search for paid clinical trials in your area by location, condition, or treatment type.
    for example, you can follow the below steps to search paid trial in
    • go to and in advance search option, you can enter the condition names ,locations and other criteria.
    • click on search option and you will get links of all relevant trials. Open the trial and search the keyword “contact” and you will get sponsor’s contact

  • Contact local hospitals and research centers – Many hospitals and research centers conduct clinical trials, and they may have information about current or upcoming trials that offer compensation to participants. Reach out to these institutions to learn more about paid clinical trial opportunities near you.
  • Ask your healthcare provider – Your healthcare provider may be aware of paid clinical trials that are being conducted in your area and may be able to refer you to these opportunities.
  • Check with patient advocacy groups – Patient advocacy groups, such as the American Cancer Society or the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, may have information about paid clinical trials that are relevant to your condition.

    You can learn more about clinical trial in below links:


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