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Complete Guide for writing effective Pharma- Resume: Your First Impression

Resume is very important as it is the first opportunity of making an impression on the recruiter’s mind. If you are skilled but do not know how to draft the best resume then you will stand among non-skilled crowed despite being a skilled person. A well-written resume can decrease the number of days or even months of wait from getting a first interview call.

I will guide you on how you can create the best resume.
You have to remember below points while writing your resume:

  1. Template and one-page rule
  2. Choose the right Fonts
  3. Correct Spelling/Grammar and free tool to write effectively.
  4. Components of Resume

Template and one-page rule

Generally, students take their colleagues or seniors resumes and just change a few things and use this resume for personal use. By doing this, You will never come to know how well you could have drafted the best resume.

Just give 5 hours of your life to learn the best resume writing skills. it will help you not only in your first Job and but rest of your life.

You should use a professional clean-resume temple to create your resume. There are many websites and youtube channels which can guide to select and create a wonderful template.   But templet should not be too fancy, it should look professional. Be a little creative. The background should be white and clean.

You can also use Google Image to See the various clean resume template and you can create your known (don’t purchase anything)

If you are fresher it should not be more than one page long. I call it one-page rule as nobody has time to read two pages or more and if it is properly drafted, one page is more than sufficient.

If you are an experienced professional, then you can try not to exceed two pages. (Though One-page rule apply here also)

Choose the right Fonts:

Times new roman can be used if a resume is used in the paper. But this font is not good for the screen view.

Sans serif fonts are preferred as they can be read easily on the screen. Calibri, Gautomi, or Verdana are examples of this category.

Size of font can vary in different segments of the resume but should be same in the same segment. Optimum font size is 10-12 points.

For example, if you use 12 points size-Bold Calibri for first heading, then all heading should be written in the same font-size.

You can use two or three colours, especially which are not much intense as Red. 
Header, subheader, Bullets, boarder can have the colour or they can be bold as well.

Correct Spelling/Grammar and free tool to write effectively:

Needless to mention that spelling mistakes should not be in the resume. Better you writer on Grammarly. It is free to use.

Components of Resume:

1.1 Contact section: This section should be at the top of the resume and include the below details:

Photo-Professionally dressed
Name of the Applicant
Contact number
Email Address
It is important to mention the name should be written in a bigger font than the rest of the contact details

1.2 Objective: Experienced professional can use Professional summary instead of objective but fresher can write an objective.

The objective must be tailored according to the job description.

1.3 Professional experience: Experienced professional should include their professional experiences here. It should follow the chronological order (starting from the latest).

Though your professional experiences can not be changed; but you have to make sure you include certain keywords in your resume that are mentioned in the Job description. (Tailoring of the resume as per need).
Freshers do not need to add this section.

1.4 Education: Mention all your educations starting from the 10th class or high school onwards. It should follow the chronological order (highest to lowest). Passing year, institute details and the scores should be mentioned along with degree/diploma details

you can also add your certifications here.
Fresher can include Project or any training related details here.
Object, Professional summary, Professional details, Education are the main body of any resume.

1.5 Skills: Customize the skills section to match as closely as possible the requirements listed in the job posting. A close match can increase the chances of being selected for an interview. You can add the proficiency level of that skills, though it is not mandatory.; but it can have a good impact.

1.6 Languages: Add the languages and proficiency levels but add English proficiency level should be 100 per cent

How to trim your resume to one Page:

This is important especially for experienced professionals. You can achieve this by following ways

  • You can add short sentences instead of explaining each thing. Focus on those things which are more relevant to the job description.
  • Abbreviation for well-known words eg. PSUR for a periodic safety update report etc
  • Do not include academic project details, any academic certification or conference details.

You can send your resume in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Generally, Microsoft word format is preferred.


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