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Merck’s Ebola Vaccine (Ervebo) Approved in Europe by the European Commission

Dec. 03, 2019: Merck with its Researchers, healthcare providers and global health officials finally breathe a sigh of relief after the hardwork of two years ( 2014 and 2016 ).

The very first Ebola vaccine (Ervebo) was finally approved in Europe by the European Commission. This vaccine itself is actually a recombinant virus, based on the backbone of vesicular stomatitis virus originating from sheep and goats.

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Because the immune system generates antibodies against the Ebola surface proteins, it creates protection against the Ebola virus itself.

Whittaker said,“This vaccine gives very quick, robust immunity, and the virus itself is relatively slow in transmitting, so the two things together will allow this ring vaccination protocol to actually work,” The approval of the vaccine in Europe is also a major step in establishing a stock of the vaccine by an alliance called Gavi.-it’s a global NGO that can act immediately whenever the need arises.”



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